Cold and Ice

After collecting my kids from school, we headed home.  The ice was so slippery that driving the jeep up the driveway was even a struggle.  Everyone unloaded from the car and our black lab, Ali, excited that the younger members of the pack were home; bolted from the car.  It was like a scene straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.  She slid across the yard like a typical ice scene on the big screen.  She too found it amusing and kept trying to attempt the same tumble.  The front yard was nothing but ice we soon discovered.  The backyard was one big ice rink for sure!  Not having the patience, I did not suggest to my six year old daughter, Amelia, that we put on her skates and give it a ‘t’wirl.  Anyway, dinner was needing further preparation.  Or so I thought.  Tom had dinner already in the oven and the table set.  Well then.  Cards!  We played several hands of rummy.

Earlier in the day I rearranged and spring cleaned the living room.  I know it is a bit early, but what can I say, spring is on my mind; blooming, growing things are tweaking my thoughts.  I cleaned up all the pots and watered the plants.  I trailed the pathos further across the window and walls creating a more beautiful air filter.  I will soon post photos of all the natural elements of the living room.  Many wonderful bonsai are happily housed there alongside pottery and stones and fossils and feathers and mushrooms.  Yes.  Mushrooms.  They are shelf mushrooms  of various kinds.

After I got everyone out of my hair for the night, I settled into a relaxing chair by the fireplace in the kitchen.  The lights were out and the flame danced while displaying its colors.  Once I decided my body collected enough heat from the fire, I too headed off to bed.

Winter Garden Dreams

Looking out my living room window I am admiring the nuthatches scooting up the nearby tree.  Below the tree is a beautiful frozen pond.  Since we reached 35 degrees today the pond is shiny and slick.  I am beginning to imagine all the things I will see this wonderful Minnesota Spring!  I am getting excited about getting my hands deep into the earth.  It won’t be long and I will be seeing the sprouts of the caster bean seeds we plopped in some pots on Sunday.

We had an enjoyable Sunday despite not going to the orchid show or the Winter Carnival.  Why?  The roads were too icy.  But the kids and I got to play some Rummy and read ghost stories by the fire and watch August Rush.  The best part was our pizza-making “party.”  Followed by a pancake, bacon, egg and toast breakfast Monday morning (no school).